Choosing the Right Commercial Appliances for Your Food Service Business

By Hussein Traboulsi

If your business is in the food service industry, you will need a suitable commercial fridge. There are a number of fridges that have been designed and made specifically for commercial uses. This article looks at some different types to help you choose the one you need.

Commercial kitchens are very different to domestic kitchens in that they need to be suitably designed to cope with a number of staff, they need to be able to handle larger quantities of food, and they need to have appliances that are made for the rigours of commercial use. A kitchen within the food service industry can be extremely busy and crowded so space, design, and layout is essential in order to cook efficiently, fast and effectively.

Commercial fridges will be required to store fresh meats, vegetables, dairy produce and also, cooked ingredients. In larger kitchens there tend to be a number of fridges. One may contain meat while another fish. And then there could be a third large fridge for storing fruit and vegetables. This avoids cross contamination between foods which is particularly important when storing foods that require cooking and foods that will be served raw. No one wants raw meat juices on their lettuce!

An over the counter or undercounter display fridge is perfect for a business that wants to display the goods it is selling to customers. These refrigerated counters are particularly popular amongst bakeries, butchers, patisseries, delicatessens, grocers, fish mongers and any other food retailers who are selling fresh produce that needs to be kept chilled while it is on display to the public.

The over and under the counter fridges are excellent for keeping the food cool and free from contamination like dust and dirt. Also, they prevent the customers from touching the food and contaminating it that way.

Storing food correctly at the right temperature and in the right appliances is a health and safety requirement that must be met if a food service business is to operate within the law. Failure to store food at the right temperature or to keep food in the correct manner can result in fines and in some cases even enforced closure.

To decide which type of fridges you will need, think about the types of food you will be making, preparing and serving in your establishment. If you are serving hot food you will need fridges and at least one large freezer to store basic ingredients. If you are creating foods for retail, you will need to consider some sort of counter fridge that lets you artfully display your goods so that you can tempt your customers into buying.

The kitchens of restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops all have one thing in common – they will have excellent appliances like large range cookers, hot plates, ovens, steamers, water-baths, dishwashers, fridges, freezers, coolers and wine stores. The list is endless and is all dependent upon the type of food served and sold.

If you have a food service business, find yourself an excellent supplier so you can purchase the very best quality appliances.

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